Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are not 100% happy with your smile and are looking for a cosmetic dentist, let us give you the smile that you have always wanted. Our cosmetic services improve the overall appearance and functionality of your teeth – without the use of surgery!

Cosmetic Dentistry services that we provide:

Composite fillings are tooth-colored and are used to repair teeth affected by decay, cracks, and fractures. The decayed portion of the tooth is removed, leaving the resulting space filled with a composite filling.

There are a number of filling types available, with unique benefits and disadvantages. Since composite fillings are tooth-colored, their color can be matched to your existing, natural teeth. This is the cosmetically preferred option for patients.

Composite fillings advantages:

• Fill gaps between teeth
• Fix chipped teeth
• Repair decayed or worn teeth

Composite fillings are generally secured and placed within a single appointment. The tooth will be numbed and decay removed by the dentist. The space will be cleaned and prepared before the new filling is applied. If the decay affects the nerve of the tooth, a special medication will be used for increased protection. The composite filling will then be shaped, adjusted, and polished to allow for original function and aesthetics.

You may experience increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures when fillings are initially placed, but these will subside after a short period of time.

Dental crowns and bridges work to provide a prosthetic restoration for missing or damaged teeth. Crowns, or caps, are placed over the surfaces of the natural teeth and can also protect dental implants. Bridges can be used to fill gaps resulting from missing teeth. They are anchored by the natural teeth or crowns adjacent to the gap. 

Patients opting for crowns or bridges can restore the function and cosmetic visuals of their teeth.

A dental crown can be applicable to your situation if you have teeth that are damaged or decayed. A bridge can also be available if the missing tooth is surrounded by other dental structures.

During the placement of a crown or bridge, your teeth will be evaluated to determine the proper spacing. An impression will be created from your bite and used to create a mold. A restoration designed from porcelain material can be customized in color to match the natural shade of your teeth. You can also receive a temporary restoration while the dental lab is fabricating your crown or bridge.

After the final restorations have been placed on your teeth, they will need time for healing and adjustment. Sensitivity to heat or cold may be experienced during this period, which is expected and can be managed. Ibuprofen can be prescribed to reduce any soreness in the gums following the treatment.

If you believe crowns or bridges can be performed to restore your smile, please call our office today to schedule a consultation.

Stains, discoloration, and chips affect the teeth of a sizable proportion of the population.  This is why veneers are popular for patients.

Porcelain veneers provide a cosmetic improvement of your smile by concealing stains, discoloration, and chips located on the surface of your teeth.  They are inexpensive and convenient, providing a pleasant cosmetic dentistry experience.

The procedure begins with the design of impressions, which are created to help the veneers fit with your natural teeth.  Your teeth will be prepared with a sanding process to clean the surface and shave off excess enamel.

The surface of your teeth will be rinsed with a liquid following the design of the permanent veneers.  After the cleaning process, the veneers are fitted onto the front surface of your teeth.  They are bonded and dried with a curing light.  You can see the final results almost immediately and continue your regular activities following the treatment.

If you are affected by tooth discoloration or stains, call us today to experience a world class cosmetic restoration.

Porcelain and composite fillings are a more natural-looking alternative to conventional silver-colored fillings. These materials however, do not possess the strength and durability of dental amalgam and require regular replacement. There are alternatives available in this case.

Composite fillings are mixture of resin and fine particles that emulate natural teeth color. They provide an aesthetic restoration and can be bonded to the teeth for increased adhesion.

Ionomers are tooth-colored and fabricated from numerous types of material. These include ground glass and acrylic resins. Ionomers are used for fillings near the gum line or tooth root to reduce influence from bite pressure. They also produce small amounts of fluoride to clean and strengthen the enamel in the affected area.

Porcelain fillings are produced from a combination of ceramic and glass powder materials. They are used for restorations such as crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays. They are more durable than ionomers but can be damaged from extensive teeth grinding or bite activity.

 If you are looking to improve your smile with fillings, please call our office today.

The jewelry can be found under the form of strass jewelry. They are usually fixed by means of a special adhesive on the frontal teeth. The teeth do not have to be prepared in advance and the jewelry can be removed without leaving visible marks on the enamel.
Normally, a piece of dental jewelry stays on the tooth several months. It does not fall off while you eat or while you brush your teeth and it does not make the brushing more difficult. They offer you a unique smile and personalize the owner!
Do you want to have a unique and special smile? You should consider a piece of dental jewelry!
It is easy to mount.
It’s pain free!
It does not involve drilling or polishing the tooth!
It does not effect the structure or the resistance of the tooth!
It is mounted with a special adhesive by means of photo-polymerization.
An enviable smile!
The price includes the piece of dental jewelry and the work.